Ketosis Diet Plan

11 Ideas to Add in Your Lifestyle and Diet for Weight Loss



The issue of being overweight is growing which quickly turns into obesity; remember that obesity is a life threatening condition and you must take prompt action to deal with it before it attacks you.


1 – Artichoke

It has diuretic effects and detoxifies liver and is ideal for those with fatty liver and generally for those who wish to burn fat in a natural way.


2 – Pineapple

It is high in antioxidants and helps combat fluid retention and you feel full and burn stored fat;



3 – Celery

It is one of the best diuretics and helps to detoxify and prevent fluid retention. Add it to your tea or juice and you will get very good results.


4 – Take Your Time

Losing 10 kilos cannot be achieved in a week or month. You need to take time to make a balanced diet. It is estimated that in general the possibility of weight loss is 1 kg per week and believe me it is the best way to lose weight for good.



5 – Say Goodbye to Bakery & Fried

There is no secret of losing weight; in fact, you have to set the limits like removal of the foods which are too fatty and sweet. It does not mean that all the fat is banned. Actually, all foods and food families provide essential nutrients including fat and sugar, so make a list of the good fats and use them.


6 – Eat Vegetables

The foods that go down well drain the body and facilitate the fat removal, but do not overdo the dried beans or potatoes if you have sensitive stomach or intestine.


7 – Fish Meat & Eggs

Through fish and eggs, we gain energy and proteins that do not ferment and swell in stomach.



8 – Cooked Products

Cooking changes the structure of the food and facilitates chewing, digestion and assimilation, so opt for healthy ways of cooking such as steaming, grilling instead of frying.


9 – Low Salt

Excess salt encourages fluid retention in abdominal area; therefore, you need to lower the intake of slat in your foods and avoid adding salt afterwards as well.



10 – Digestive System

Do you have difficulty in digestion? If so, make a prebiotic cure. In case you have difficulty going to the bathroom, for a few days, eat prunes and figs in the morning.


11 – 1800 Calorie Diet

When it comes to diet, you must be aware of how many calories you take in a day which must be limited. To limit your calorie intake, 1800 calorie diet can be helpful for you. I suggest you to visit to check if 1800 calorie diet is a right option for you or not.